January 9, 2015

We Are Going to Have Another Baby

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious.

This is how I told Husband the news:

I sneakily changed the desktop background on his computer to this picture:

Husband may or may not have skimmed the photo, said “Oh that’s cute,” and then only after realizing my eyes were practically burning holes through his face, went back to read the whole picture and said, "Oh my! Are you serious?!"

Then, Science Teacher Husband went on to explain how “you should never put important details in the bottom, right-hand side of a page, because studies show that people lose interest and stop reading.” (Now I am informed.)

Another interesting tidbit is that the day I peed on a stick was the first day of Parent-Teacher Conferences at school. Science Teacher Husband was so busy he didn't open his computer for two whole days after I changed his desktop background. 

Two. Whole. Days.

This is how we told our families:

It is definitely different sharing news of Baby #2 compared to Baby #1. 

(“Everyone’s expecting it.” “It’s not as big of a deal this time.” “Are we making it too obvious that we already love our second child less than our first?” #kidding)

But. Our Baby who is not such a baby anymore is going to be a big sister. (Therefore, I shall now call Baby, “Toddler.”And therefore, we put her in a “Big Sister” t-shirt and just let her roam. 

Just in case you can't tell if she is laughing or crying:
She is crying. Definitely crying.

Toddler wants to battle. Parents win.

I would totally post the video we took of my parents and two of my sisters receiving the news, but instead I will give you the play-by-play: 

I ceremoniously walk in and put Toddler (wearing her “Big Sister” shirt) into the high chair. Everyone looks at Toddler. The light conversation continues with a mix of discussion on bi-polarism, Horrible Bosses 2, and some random Spanish words. (“Mira la princesa!”) Nobody notices Toddler’s shirt. We stop recording the video. We hold hands and say the Lord’s Prayer. Mother peeks at Toddler during prayer. Only then does she see Toddler's shirt. Mother stops praying and gasps. The rest of us awkwardly finish praying. Chaos erupts.

Instead of sharing that video, I will just share the one of when we told one of my other sisters the news in the same fashion - using the Big Sister t-shirt:

Let me end with a few Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is your due date? (July 15. I am almost 13 weeks.)

2. Are you going to find out what it is? (It’s Husband's choice this time, as I chose to be surprised with Baby #1. And he hasn't decided yet.)

3. Are you going to move to a bigger apartment? (No. We are determined to teach our children the art called “Sharing a Room.” Even if it drives us crazy or kills us in the process.)

Toddler is already practicing to be Mommy's Little Helper.

4. What pregnancy symptoms are you feeling? (Am I hovering over the porcelain throne every morning, noon, and night? No. But I will say that out of the seven deadly sins, I have Sloth pretty down pat.)

5. Were you trying to get pregnant? (The only reason I will answer this question is because I made it quite obvious that Baby #1 was a surprise. Let me just say this: I did not cry over the hot dogs I was frying when I told Husband the news about Baby #2 like I did with Baby #1. In the words of SNL Surprise Party Sue: We are "just so freakin’ excited!")

6. Are you ready for the chaos of multiple children? A toddler and a newborn? Two kids in diapers? (Were the unicorns “ready” for the Flood?)

Big Sister has big shoes to fill.

7. I don’t get why you girls are so excited to get fat when you’re pregnant. (Um…I’m sorry…what was your question?)

8. Me: “Do you think I will be too fat for family pictures in the spring?”
    Husband: “No. You will be swelling with beauty.”

9. Are you going to lay Baby #2 on its stomach so it won’t have a flat head like Jocelyn? (Um...well...no comment.)

Grace and Peace, and Again: Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious!!!