November 23, 2014

Moms, Let's Spice Up "I'm Thankful For" Share Time

It's not that I'm not grateful for things like:

- Family
- Friends
- Home
- Food
- Water
- Clothes
- Etc., 
- Blah, blah, blah
- Boring

Obviously this "I'm Thankful For" list is super clichéd for a reason. But I think we need to spice up our Thanksgiving church service and family dinner "I'm Thankful For" Share Time.

Today, I'm putting this responsibility on those women who get third place on their child's "I'm Thankful For" lists behind Legos and Daddy: Moms. (Because you, mother of your children, could probably use a few more responsibilities in your life. Obviously.)

As moms, we know that our "I'm Thankful For" lists have changed since entering Mommyhood. We know there are a few things that we really like having around, and would miss greatly if they left us. And we know that that we could really spice up the Thanksgiving dinner conversation if we just shared what our hearts are truly thankful for.

To help moms out, I created a short list of seventeen ideas here. Complete with pictures. Feel free to use any of these at your next Thanksgiving "I'm Thankful For" Share Time. (You don't even have to site this blog article to avoid a lengthy copyright lawsuit or anything.)

So here it is: My "I'm Thankful For" List: Mom Edition. (In ABC order. Obviously)

1. Bananas. Because in Babyland, they could be their own food group. (In the largest group at the bottom of the food pyramid.)

2. Blankie. Blankie is to Baby as what a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream is to Mommy. There are times when even a mother's comfort can't satisfy. Who do we turn to? Blankie: the real Ghost-Buster.

3. Books. Even this horribly messy pile that was pulled off of the shelf right here. Because books are my ticket to "Snuggle Town," which we make fewer and fewer trips to as Miss Wriggle Worm gets older. 

4. Boxes. No, not toys. The big old boxes and bins we keep toys in. Toys don't offer hours of entertainment; completely emptying the box that toys live in and then sitting inside of it does.

5. Cereal and Chips. Better stated: the sound that opening a box of cereal or a bag of chips makes. Because when my Snack Buddy (a.k.a. Baby) hears that heavenly sound, she comes running with her hands in the air, laughing, and yelling "Tease!" (a.k.a. "Please!") in an obnoxiously high-pitched voice.

6. Cheeks. Squishy, Baby cheeks. (Or as her grandma appropriate calls them: kissing pillows.) I just want to squeeze them and kiss them all freaking day long.

7. Couch Cushions. Especially ones that can be taken out of the couch. Related to toy boxes, removable couch cushions offer hours of exciting and (usually) safe entertainment.

8. Double Chins. I just love double chins. And camera angles that accentuate them.

9. Gangsta Glasses. No explanation necessary.

10. Hug Attacks. There comes this point in the day called "Late Afternoon" when I am so over it. But finally, the door opens, and Husband walks in. And then I watch this brilliantly orchestrated scene where Baby hug attacks Husband, they sit down on the floor, and they read a book together. And I feel this feeling called "Relief."

11. Miniature Replicas of Things. (Like this mini rocking chair.) Because everything is cuter when it mini-sized. And because someday Baby will grow up and realize there is no way she can avoid the ways in which she is a miniature replica of her parents in more ways than one. (Sucker.)

12. Reminders that sometimes no matter how hard you try to be a great mom, your kid might still trip on the sidewalk and get a big 'ole scrape on her face. (Trying to be a good mom = attempting to put Baby's hood on during a cold afternoon outside. Consequence = making her lose her balance and literally fall flat on her face.)

13. Sharing. When Baby throws a tantrum on the floor because she wants to keep all of the toys to herself, but then later passes out Wheat Thin Crackers like she is the boy with two fish and five loaves of bread - there is something inside of me that feels the feeling called "Hope."

14. Tea. Not the chamomile kind that requires at least four lumps of sugar to actually drink it. The pretend kind that I sip and share with Baby Girl almost every day with wooden crumpets. I call this "Bonding Time." (We have solved all the world's problems over many a Pretend Tea and Wooden Crumpets.)

15. Toothbrushes. Better stated: Toothbrushes that get put back in the correct drawer rather than being thrown behind the toilet or under the entertainment center. Because the other day, Baby put her toothbrush back all by herself, and I could have shed a tear. Our little robot is growing up.

16. Well-hidden Feminine Hygiene Pads. Babies have a knack for finding things they aren't supposed to. And it's hilarious. Our baby has an unhealthy obsession with the box of these in our bathroom cupboard. She either uses them to wipe down our walls, to hide them in mysterious places (like under the oven in this picture,) or to toss them carelessly to the side like a billionaire floating hundred dollar bills. I laugh every time I find one.

17. Wet Wipes. There is absolutely no mom on the face of this earth who needs me to explain this one. 

Here's to spicing up Thanksgiving "I'm Thankful For" Share Time. Feel free to add your own ideas to this list.

Grace and Peace,