October 12, 2014

I Thought I Was Proud of You

My Dearest Child,

I thought I was proud of you. 

Because since you turned one a few months ago, you have become unstoppable.

You are walking, starting to run, and even trying your best to jump. (You haven’t quite left the ground yet, but the motions are there.)

You brush your teeth at least six times per day. (I’m pretty sure it’s because you think your strawberry-flavored toothpaste is a snack.)

You take random paper towels and scrub the kitchen floor, the carpet, the rug, and the wall. (You are indeed a tidy girl after Mommy’s own heart.)

You sit on Grandpa’s lap and let him teach you all the tricks of the trade to playing cards with the Broekhuis family. (Believe me, it will take a lifetime of training to fully understand.)

You talk on the phone with Grandma and tell her all about your day. (Your stories are magical, even if we can’t understand a word you are saying.)

You sit and look at books on your own, and you bring books to Mommy and Daddy and ask us to read them to you. (The adorable way you bat your big brown eyes and say “pease” is hard to say “no” to.)

All of these “firsts.” All of these “firsts” developing into your everyday “normal.” All of the things you are learning. All of the things you are doing.

And I thought I was proud of you.

I thought I was proud of you until I saw you fold your hands for the first time when Daddy said, “It’s time to pray,” at the supper table.

You smiled and put your hands together. You folded your hands to pray.

It didn’t last long, as the bites of pizza on your plate were too tempting to wait until after prayer to eat.

But as your Mommy, your Mommy who prays each day that your heart will be the Lord’s, I couldn’t help but let my joy overflow.

As your parents, we are excited to watch you grow, to watch you learn, to watch you watch the world and interact with it.

But we want you to know that more than anything, we pray that you will love Jesus with all of your heart.

That you will follow Him wherever He leads. That you will listen to His voice and believe in His truth. It’s all that matters.

It matters more than any accomplishment you achieve. More than any point you score. More than any test score you bring home. More than any friends you make. More than any travels you venture on. More than any college you attend. More than any job you work at. More than any amount of money you make.

This matters more. He matters more.


And I realize that you are in the monkey-see-monkey-do stage. The tooth brushing, the cleaning, the phone talking, is just you copying Daddy and me. 

But this is something we pray you will not only copy and mimic as you grow older. We pray that someday you will embrace Christ for yourself. That you will not only confess Jesus as your Savior, but you will also offer up your entire life to Him as your Lord.

I thought I was proud of you. And now, my heart bursts with pride.


So, I cherish this small milestone. And I continue to pray.

I pray that as you grow you will find your wholeness in Him. That you will find your joy in Him. That you will love and study His Word. That you will follow His commands. That you will pray for His will to be done in your life and in the lives of those around you.

We love you more than life itself. And He loved you enough to give up His life for you.

I am so proud of you,