June 10, 2014

Here’s to {Great} Dads

Here’s to great dads.

The ones who work hard every day to feed hungry mouths, clothe little bodies, and educate curious minds.

The ones who are their children’s biggest fans, whether it’s on the court, on the field, on the stage, in the studio, in the library, or in the lab.

The ones who are involved, who even after long days at work still take time to play, and bathe, and wash dishes, and read, and rock, and snuggle.

The ones who aren't too proud to give hugs and say "I love you."

Here’s to great dads.

The ones who give their children a positive model of what “Our Father in Heaven” actually means through their unconditional love.

The ones who are a consistent presence in their children’s lives, and don’t leave them wondering “Where is Daddy?”

The ones who discipline and teach truth, even when mischievous, irresistible smiles make it difficult to show tough love.

The ones who teach Christ’s mercy and forgiveness, and remind their kids that everyone makes mistakes. Even dads.

The ones who are humble enough to say “I’m sorry.”

Here’s to great dads.

The ones who give their children good things: like reading Scripture after supper and ice cream malts before bedtime.

The ones who share their hobbies with their children, creating lifelong memories and teaching them that there is more to life than an office and lots of paperwork.

The ones who defend their kids and stick up for them, never tearing them down in front of others.

Here’s to great dads.

The ones who have a great sense of humor and teach their children to be able to laugh at themselves.

The ones who remind their children to be confident in their God-given abilities, yet humble in the spotlight.

The ones who trust their kids with freedom at the appropriate times, and take away their freedoms at the appropriate times, even when it hurts.

The ones who fight through awkward conversations, bad attitudes, and for some, hundreds of boxes of tampons, just because they value relationships with their kids (and teenage daughters) that much.


Here’s to great dads.

The ones who don’t expect their children to be exactly like themselves, but encourage them in their unique gifts and callings.

The ones who challenge their kids to do their best and work hard to improve.

The ones who don’t try to shelter their kids from the world, but rather teach them discernment and wisdom, and to be the hands of grace to others.

The ones who don’t tell their children to “be safe” in life, but instead to “be a follower of Christ.”

The ones who teach their kids to appreciate and take care of what they have, whether it’s a lot or a little.

Here’s to great dads.

The ones who love their children most when they love their children’s mother, who stand by her and work as her teammate.

The ones who model being the strong, loving, kind, and caring leader their daughters should marry and their sons should become some day.

The ones who walk their daughters down the aisle, and at the end are willing to let go and say “her mother and I.”

The ones who look their sons in the eye and say, “I am so proud of you.”

Here’s to great dads.

The ones who turn into awesome Grandpas.

The ones who did the hard work of disciplining their own children, but now get to completely spoil their grandchildren.

The ones who cherish the short time they get to be {great} dads.

Here’s to great dads.

Happy Father’s Day,