September 3, 2013

One Month Later...

It's amazing how much your life can change in one month. Before August 3, our lives were in summer mode: sleeping in most mornings, going on long, hilly walks to get me into labor, working in the garden, reading, taking naps, going to school to do laundry, going out for ice cream, and staying up late watching movies. One month later, our lives are in "new baby" mode: sleeping at the mercy of Jocelyn, changing diapers, putting Jocelyn in little girly outfits, running late because we have to change the girly outfit she just spit up all over, nursing for hours every day, never leaving the house without Jocelyn wrapped around me in her baby sling, enjoying baby snuggles, falling asleep during any movie we try to watch, learning the art of multitasking, and living out those movie scenes where your head finally hits the pillow and the baby starts crying.

It's amazing how little sleep (or how much disturbed sleep) you can learn to live on in one month. The most common question I am asked is "are you getting any sleep at night?" Yes, I am. About 2-3 hours at a time. It can be hard to pull myself up enough to lift her out of her cradle and nurse, but with such a sweet face to look at and little pudgy hands to hold, sometimes it's not so bad either.

It's amazing how my attitude can turn 180 degrees in one month. I was quite terrified about being a mom. Maybe I was trying to set my expectations bar really low or figured I should expect the worst. I wasn't the biggest fan of being pregnant either. (I didn't have the "pregnancy glow" I have heard so much about.) But wow, is being a mom pretty great so far. It's still a little scary: I worried the entire first week whether or not she was gaining enough weight or having enough poopy diapers. I remember a "new mom breakdown" or two. But being a mom is also quite breathtaking: I can't believe we have been entrusted with this beautiful, teeny, tiny being!

It's amazing how many prayers can be answered in one month. After one week, we both went back to see our respective doctors. Jocelyn's doctor thought she had jaundice. We had to take her to the hospital to get her blood tested, and wait for results to tell us how bad it was. A level 18 meant she would have to have the lamp treatment, and possibly stay a night or two in the hospital. She was a level 8. (Prayer answered.) The doctor said we can simply put her in the sun each day to get rid of the yellow. My doctor saw I was still too pale and really exhausted because of all the blood I lost after birth.. He thought I might have anemia and might possibly need a blood transfusion. He put me on a ton of iron, and told me to wait one more week to see how I felt. I have felt great. No anemia. No transfusion necessary. (Prayer answered.)

It's amazing how much fun you can have in just one month...

Just one day old at the hospital.

More visitors! Vero came over,

As well as Kelly, her grandma, and her mom.

Jocelyn and her post-lunch milk mustache.

Jocelyn's first bath! Aunt Kandy teaching mommy how to do it. 

Happy to be done with her first bath.

Grandma Potgeter came to visit,

and Aunt Madi came too!

Just one of many daily naps.

After her second bath. Her typical post-bath pose.

Ready to go to school and meet everyone!

The Broekhuis Family.

Enjoying more naps with daddy after work.

Jocelyn's new favorite place to hang out. 
(Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma Potgeter!)

Grandpa and Grandma Broekhuis came to visit too!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning.

Ready to go to school so mommy can do a little work in the office.

Dreaming about something...or passing a little gas...

Making faces.

Ready for bed. Did we mention it's getting a little chillier down here? 
Bedtime caps are a must in our non-heated home.

So kissable, huggable, lovable, unbelievable.

A "mom's heart is melting" moment.

A flashback...

...and one month later.

Grace and Peace,