August 5, 2013

A Baby Story: Jocelyn Ruth Broekhuis

Wow, wow, wow.

It is hard to describe the experience of the birth of your first child. There are so many emotions and fears and miracles that happen in such a short time. Our "baby story" was quite the roller coaster of events. But along each step of the way, I can clearly see how God was blessing us and taking care of us through our doctors, friends, and family. That's what I want you to see and understand here. It's not, "Wow, Kendra, you endured a lot." It's more like "Holy smokes, God really took care of you through a rough day!"

I slightly wish this story ended after labor and delivery. It has to rank high with one of the easiest births ever. Watching Armageddon on TV at home, the movie creating enough tears and hormones to break my water only fifteen minutes later at 11:15 pm, arriving at the hospital and already being dilated to 7 (without experiencing any contractions), going on drugs to start contractions, and after only 45 minutes of pushing, we were holding Jocelyn in our arms at about 1:45 am.

 Happy little family.

So fresh and new.

Blessing #1: Labor and delivery was a piece of least compared to the rest of the night. 

But if our story ended there, we might not have recognized all of God's healing power, or the rest of the blessings he had in store for us. Not much longer after our "first family photo" and being put in our room for the night, I started experiencing extreme pain in my backside (a.k.a. my butt). We weren't sure what the cause was, but there were times when I wondered if something was broken or pulled down there. I was also experiencing really strong contractions. After making it through a natural labor and delivery without many contractions or even much urge to push, I was now begging for drugs, feeling like I had to push, and begging people to pray for the pain to go away. I couldn't get comfortable and I wasn't able to care for Jocelyn either. (a.k.a., on top of the physical pain, feeling like the worst mom ever.)

Blessing #2: Jocelyn was completely healthy, and had no complications herself. She slept entirely through her first night.

Precious little angel.

After the longest night I can remember, the doctor came to check on me and do the routine "get the rest of the junk out of you." I was still in so much pain, and this routine "get the junk out of you" was also really painful, worse than giving birth.

Blessing #3: After the doctor finished this routine check-up in which I was screaming and crying, the pain in my backside was completely gone. Like it was never we hadn't just spent the whole night not sleeping and praying for the pain to go away. It turns out that I had a lot of blood clots still inside of me, and those clots were pinching a nerve in my backside. So when the doctor was able to get the clots out, the pain disappeared as well. Miraculous.

We all thought I was better, recovering. But not much later, I started to feel very weak. I was going to try and feed and hold Jocelyn, but I soon passed out and fainted in bed. The next thing I knew, I was back in the operating room where I had given birth to Jocelyn, but this time it was for surgery. The only thing I remember was asking the doctors a few questions: Where is my husband? Can I still have more kids? Can I go to sleep? I didn't know what was going on, and I feared a hysterectomy.

Blessing #4: Apparently I was speaking to the doctors entirely in Spanish. Yes.

Blessing #5, 6, and 7: To answer my questions to the doctor: Collin was praying for me, yes we can have more kids, and during the surgery, they put me out and I was not feeling pain. (After a little more "get the junk out of me" screaming.)

Blessing #8: All of the blood clots were being caused by a scratch or teeny rupture in my uterus. The doctors gave me a few stitches, and fixed the problem. So simple.

After surgery, I remember waking up and briefly talking to Collin. I spent 4 hours in a recovery room, where I was finally able to sleep. Waking up was emotional, as I was alone and missed Collin and Jocelyn. I remember crying as they wheeled me back to our normal hospital room. Just in time for visiting hours.

Blessing #9: Even after the most rough and physically painful day of my life, it was so awesome to have friends visit us at the hospital. They were there to share our joy and support us and to simply celebrate a new life. We loved it.

Rafa (and his wife Keely, who we forgot to get a picture of. Collin is a stand-in.)

Kandy, Andrea, Sarah, and Megan

Michael and Luisa

We also missed pictures of Yasi and her family, as well as the Avila family. 
But again, it was so great to have visitors!

Recovery took awhile. The first time I tried to stand up, I fainted again. We thought we were going to have to spend a third night in the hospital, but the doctors recommended going home to recover.

Blessing #10: With the help of many people, we were able to get me and Jocelyn in the car, to our house, up the stairs, and into bed.

Mommy is looking really rough, but both of us were glad to be home and in bed.

Blessing #11 through 1,000,000: We are home, Jocelyn is healthy, and we are all recovering.

Eyes wide open!

I think she is a mini-Collin. Loving the dark hair and dark eyes.

Blessing #1,000,001: Kandy. Kandy drove us and helped translate every doctor's appointment, she drove us to the hospital to have the baby, she stayed with us both nights to help us with Jocelyn and to translate some more, and has been the friendly and emotional support that we needed through this roller coaster of a pregnancy and birth. Aunt Kandy rocks.

Tia Kandy.

Jocelyn loves Tia Kandy.

I hope this wasn't "too much information" for you. I just wanted you to understand how God has been faithful to us, and has blessed us so much in the past 72 hours. I also get quite emotional talking about it, so sharing it here is just a tad easier for us. We are so thankful, and so excited to have Jocelyn. She is a symbol of so much beauty, lots of blessings, and the miracle of life.

Grace and Peace,

ps. We are also pumped for the dinners our friends have planned to deliver to us throughout the week. Such a burden lifted! Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Wow - we had no idea what you were dealing with! Giving thanks that you are doing much better. Take care and get lots of rest! Love you guys!!