July 2, 2013

The Waiting Game

Dear Friends,

We just returned to Guatemala after spending one month of our summer vacation in the US. Although our trip was much shorter than last summer, it was easily my favorite trip home so far. I don't think we could have packed in more celebrating and fun with our family and friends. Here are a few pictures from our month home. I did awful at taking pictures, so a few of these may or may not be stolen from your Facebook albums.

May 30-June 1, we went to Pella, Iowa to celebrate John and Jana Top's wedding. The wedding was so fun, and it was an honor to be a part of their day as a personal attendant. The picture below is of the Dordt volleyball girls who attended the wedding. How fun to see these friends again!

June 2-5, we went with the extended Broekhuis family to Breckenridge, Colorado. The temperatures were warm, but the mountains were still covered with snow. What a beautiful site. We enjoyed lots of fun activities, including competitive games, hiking, and a bike ride that I was only able to do half of. Bike riding is officially not a pregnancy-friendly activity.

June 6-23 we were in Michigan. We started off with our traditional "welcome home" breakfast with Grandpa and Grandma Potgeter at Russ'. Collin enjoyed reuniting with our nephew Jackson and convincing him that we are not scary strangers.

Much of our time in Michigan was spent celebrating Mackenzy's wedding. We had a bridal shower and bachelorette party the first days there. Here are all of the Potgeter sisters at the bachelorette party.

After another week of wedding errands, decorating, manicures and pedicures, and lounging by the pool, it was finally Mackenzy and Ricky's wedding day. It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful start of a family! Saturday, June 15, 2013. 

At the reception, Uncle Bob and I decided to compare our baby bumps.

The above picture was inspired by this one here...taken when my mom was very pregnant with me. Still looking good, Uncle Bob.

After all of the wedding festivities, we went to relax for a bit at Grandpa and Grandma Potgeter's cottage on Lake Michigan. The view is not too shabby.

This wonderful family came to the cottage as well. It was a little sunny for a picture, but I had to get a picture of Amber with her basketball team...

After our couple of weeks in Michigan, we headed to Wisconsin for a week to spend time with Mom and Dad Broekhuis. No pictures, but we enjoyed playing some competitive Broekhuis games, doing a round of mini golf, going to a movie, lounging at the beach, and finishing a few puzzles.

And now...we are back in Guatemala.

You may wonder why we are back in Guatemala so soon when our summer break goes into August. Well, our baby is due to arrive at the beginning of August, and for various reasons, we decided to have the baby here in Guatemala. Because I am quite pregnant, we were not allowed to fly in July, so we had to come back here early. 

Many asked us how long we plan to stay in Guatemala. And we have no idea. Our contracts go through this next school year. What we decide to do after this coming school year depends a lot on how it goes being here with our child, if we are able to get our two-year Guatemalan visas, and if any jobs would come up in the US worth applying for. We may have a better idea at Christmas, but we also might still have no idea. Wherever the Good Lord leads, which is where we are more than happy to go or stay.

So for now...we are back in Guatemala and are playing the waiting game.

We wait and anticipate the arrival of our baby. It's kind of crazy to think he/she could come any time, or that it very well may be another whole month and a half. But we are keeping busy with different things, such as...

1. Packing our things for the hospital.

2. Washing, drying, and organizing all of our green, yellow, and white baby clothes.

3. "Taking care of our children," Collin's secret code for "tending the garden." Now up close, this may seem normal...

But taking a few steps back shows a little bit different picture. Yes, the garden is above the garage door.

4. We also have a long list of movies to watch, including the Discovery Channel "Life" series that Collin got for his birthday. Science teacher fun.

5.Collin is also tutoring in English a few times a week, as well as taking Spanish classes.

6. I plan on taking walks every day, going to the doctor once a week, nesting our house, reading, doing a little art, sleeping in and taking naps, and doing everything in my power to keep my ankles from swelling. Basically...a few activities I enjoy that may or may not fly out the window at the beginning of August.

We are scared, nervous, excited, and hopeful about the birth of our baby. We wonder how labor and birth will go, we wonder if we are having a boy or girl, and we wonder how well or horribly we will transition into parenthood. But through all the emotions we are are mostly enjoying our last couple of weeks as just a couple, including celebrating our second wedding anniversary yesterday, July 1.

It was great to be able to see so many of you this past month! Please pray for us and our baby: a normal birth, a healthy baby, and that we will quickly learn how to be parents. :)

Grace and Peace,