January 17, 2013

We Are Going to Have a Baby

This is how we told the Broekhuis Family...

No, the first graders did not know why they were reading this book for me.

This is how we told the Potgeter Family...

This is the traditional "Potgeter Family Christmas Picture" we take every year.

This is me yelling the announcement when it is finally time for the "silly" picture.

This is everyone turning towards us. (Except my Dad, who already knew I was pregnant.)

This is everyone starting to freak out. (Except Dad, who is still faithfully looking at the camera.)

This is Kyle pointing to my mom and yelling "I TOLD YOU!" I also appreciate Bruce's handshake for Collin, the group hug I am receiving, and the fact that Dad has removed himself from the frame completely.

This is how I told the first graders...

Some had a little trouble getting there...

These are random... 

This is me taking full advantage on a very cold night.

This is girl's night out with a few pregos.

These are some Frequently Asked Questions we have encountered so far...

1. When are you due? (August 11.)
2. How do you feel? (2nd Trimester, please come quickly. And thank goodness for a caring husband.)
3. What will you do next year? (We plan on staying in Guatemala at least until our contract is up after the 2013-2014 school year. After that, we shall see where the Spirit leads or stays.)
4. Will you still teach next year? (No, but I may work part time in other ways at school.)
5. Where will you have the baby? (That is undecided.)
6. Will you find out what the baby is? (Kendra - no. Collin - only if it's a boy.)

These are some not so Frequently Asked Questions we have encountered so far...

From First Graders:
1. How do you know you are pregnant? (I peed on a stick. Just kidding, I did not say that. I said, "I went to the doctor.")
2. How old are you? Because if you are 75 you can't have a baby! (Have you ever heard of Abraham and Sarah?)

From Others:
7. Do you know who the father is? (Yikes.)
7. Do you plan to raise this child in the faith? (We do, God helping us.)

Grace and Peace...which I have a feeling we will need a lot of in this transition into Parenthood...