November 7, 2012


7.4 on the Richter scale. One event in a few different perspectives…

 First Graders

I felt scared and saw it move. I think it was going to fall. And I heard bump. And it was an earthquake.

We was reading a book and I move and a earthquake came a big, big, big, big, big earthquake. The class move and I was scared and I think everything fell. 

We do the triangle of life. I feel a earthquake. I hear a chair fall down. I think the roof will fall. I saw the class move. 
Assuming the "Triangle of Life" position.

Today I felt an earthquake. I felt scared. I think that the roof fall down. I saw Mrs. Broekhuis by me. I heard a crash and some screams. 

Today was an earthquake. The class shake. I was afraid. The class was safe. I thought that the roof fell. I hide down the table. I hear a sound crash. 

Today I felt a earthquake. The class shaked. I was brave. I heard the earth was moving. Think that the desk will fall down. I saw that the class was moving. 

When we were in our class a earthquake came! The earthquake made the class shake! I was not scared. I thought that the roof was going to fall. I felt the floor shake! I heard a crash! And some people scream! I saw everything shake! I couldn’t remember nothing. We made triangles of life until it stop. And I said in a whisper voice, “Thank you God for keeping us safe.” 



To parents: 

I know that everyone was a little shaken up by today's events. I just wanted to assure all of you that the appropriate measures were taken today here at the school and our emergency procedures were executed. All of the teachers and students remained calm and followed our school's earthquake procedure, followed by an evacuation of the buildings. Thank the Lord, after reviewing the school's facilities with an architect and engineer, they assured us that there was no structural damage to our buildings and at no time were your kids in any danger. 

This afternoon, we learned that a red alert was issued from the president for Xela advising that large groups of people should not gather together and that buildings should be evacuated for fear of large aftershocks. We moved all classes and chapel outside once we heard this news. Because the alert is in effect for the next 48 hours, we have to decided to cancel classes for tomorrow. We will continue to monitor the situation and the recommendations of the government officials for the area of Quetzaltenango in order to make a decision concerning classes on Friday. We will send another email to everyone around 2:00 pm tomorrow regarding the decision to have classes on Friday or not. 


Our house is fine, our school is fine, our city (for the most part) is fine. Praise the Lord. However, there was so much damage in San Marcos, a town about an hour and a half away from us. Their hospital collapsed, their houses collapsed, and many were killed. Please pray for these people and their families as they try to recover.
A few new cracks in our walls.

No classes tomorrow and possibly no classes on Friday. What a crazy day.
Grace and Peace,