October 16, 2012

Silly Skit Night, etc.

Lately, we have been busy. Lately, we have been having a ton of fun. Lately, as always, we have been very blessed.

Here is a look at what we've been up to lately:

Silly Skit Night
Every year the Student Council puts on Silly Skit Night. Any students and teachers can present a silly skit. Here are the videos of what we were involved in.

"If We Were Not in First Grade"
This is a remake of the Young Life skit "If We Were Not in Young Life." I adapted it for my first grade class. I think they pulled it off pretty nicely.

"Body Fusion"
A workout for all levels, put on by a few of the female staff members.

This is Body Fusion.

"The Backseat Boys"
The evolution of boy bands, put on by a few of the male staff members. Hilarious.

Meeting Up With Friends
Heritage CRC (Byron Center, Michigan!) sent a group to work at an orphanage called Eagle's Nest. It is in Solola, a little more than an hour from where we live. So of course we had to stop by for a visit!

Anna! Who would have thought we would get to meet up in Guatemala?

They were also very nice enough to take down a care package from Mom and Dad Potgeter. As you can see, all the necessities were included:

We were almost out of peanut butter. And we rarely have chocolate in the house. And I could always use another Etna tshirt.

Bible Study
Every other Monday we have High School girl's Bible Study at our house. There are around 10 teachers and students each time. We are studying the book of Ruth, and really enjoying it. There is a lot to learn about Christian discipleship from a Moabite woman who chose to leave everything familiar in order to follow God and to care for her mother-in-law. There is a lot to learn from a man named Boaz, who was truly concerned for the poor, widows, orphans, and foreigners just as God commands. There is a lot to learn from the God who took care of them both and who always keeps his promises.

Here is our group, having a jolly good time.

The first quarter of school is done! Parent-Teacher Conferences are on Thursday.

And we are still working on our vowel sounds. :)

Grace and Peace,