August 5, 2012


Spoiled rotten…is how I feel after spending 8 weeks of summer in the States. An all-inclusive experience: family, friends, nieces, nephews, jobs, room, food, vehicle, dishwasher, wash machine, haircuts, pool, golf, tennis, camping, canoeing, water park, and sunny weather.

 Humbled…is how I feel when I apologize for mooching all summer and my dad says, “Maybe God blessed me so much so that I can bless you.”

 Temporary…is how I feel when I realize how fast time flies, how fast 8 weeks flies. Our lives are but a mist that “appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Am I using my short life as a sacrifice for God’s glory?

 Conflictedis how I feel when I see how prosperous and free we are, but then see how we choose to use our prosperity and freedom.

 Passionate…is how I feel after reading the book Revolution in World Missions. Curious? Please order it for FREE here…

 Sadis how I feel about leaving our family and friends in the States for awhile. 

Nervousis how I felt about adjusting back to Guatemalan life again. 

Thankful…is how I feel after making every flight and bus back to Xela in one long day. 

Happy…is how I feel after buying groceries, visiting school, seeing friends, meeting new teachers, and not being a new teacher in a new country this year.  

Refreshed and motivatedis how I feel about starting a new school year on Monday, August 13, 2012. 

Content…is how I feel. 

We had a fabulous summer. Check out some of the highlights that we have pictures of.

My best friend’s wedding. Yeah for Kaylee and Alex Sleeman!

Happy First Anniversary to us. July 1, 2012.

Wisconsin with the Broekhuis family. We love matching.

Mackinac Island with Grandpa and Grandma Potgeter. Bike, shop, eat, repeat.
 The lovely, and very generous couple.

 The Mackinac Bridge.

 Horses. Bikes. Fudge.

My biking partner for the 8 mile ride around the island.

College Roomie Reunion. Thank you, Megan, for getting married.

Potgeter Family Vacation. 12 adults. 6 children. 1 cabin. Lots of fun.

The cabin.

No words to describe this picture.

The cutest nieces and nephews around.

So happy together.

Back in Guatemala. Our spare bedroom and new bed that beckon you to visit us. :)

Grace and Peace,