December 12, 2011

We'll Be Home for Christmas...

We are in our final week of school. A full day Tuesday, two half days Wednesday and Thursday, and a two-hour day on Friday. And then begins our whirlwind tour of the Midwest this Christmas. Here is our approximate schedule...

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Saturday, December 17 - Sunday, December 25
Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Monday, December 26 - Thursday, December 28
Pella, Iowa: Thursday, December 28 - Sunday, January 1
Beloit, Wisconsin: Sunday, January 1 - Wednesday, January 4
Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wednesday, January 4 - Friday, January 6
Fly out of Grand Rapids Friday morning and arrive in Guatemala City Friday night, January 6

While the traveling will make our three week Christmas Break fly by, we are just thrilled to be able to see lots of family and friends during our time off.

Please pray for safe travels, both by airplane and by car. We have not driven a car in about five months, but hopefully we have not indirectly picked up on terrible Guatemalan driving habits, such as endless horn-honking, using your hand out the window as a blinker, and piling at least 23 people into a 15 passenger vehicle.

Oh, and please don't tease us if we speak terrible English when we get home. You can only listen to broken English for so many hours in a day before you start saying, "I have 22 years," or "The kleenex, where it is?," or "It's do you say....I have a lot of cold?"

Grace and Peace,

PS. Merry Christmas from the newest Broekhuis Family...Pictures from our Staff Christmas Party.

 Our classy Christmas sweaters. I love dogs. And dogs wearing sweaters.

 Our dear friend Sarah. Here's to first-year teachers!

 Paches...rice, meat, a prune, and a little sauce. A Guatemalan Christmas tradition. It doesn't quite replace Christmas ham and mashed potatoes...but it's not half bad.

Many, but not all, of the female staff at our school. It may or may not look like we are at a prison with the barbed wire in the back, but we are definitely just hanging out on the roof of a house. A simple reminder we are in Guatemala.