November 5, 2011

Shoes my Size

Yes, I (Collin) finally found shoes my size. Having one pair of shoes for everything makes them get beat up pretty quickly here with all the walking we do. So I have been randomly looking for shoes that I can use and possibly play soccer on turf with. I have struck out numerous times at several stores, until yesterday. When we ask shoe stores for the biggest shoes that stores have, they almost always came back with a 10 1/2 size, about one shoe size to small. But finally, for a low price we found shoes that were size 11 and fit wonderfully. I broke them in playing in a futbol game already.

Speaking of futbol (soccer) I have been able to go twice with a our friend Christian to play some soccer with his friends on a small field. Most of the soccer is played on small fields, just think about 10 feet bigger on every side than a basketball court. It's a good time. I haven't figured out why they don't like big fields, but speaking we are at an elevation higher than Denver, it might have something to do with lack of oxygen.

We also had a unique experience meeting a student who Kendra and I are going to start sponsoring. A friend of our school works works for an organization called CEIPA. CEIPA specifically teaches working children who cannot attend school during the day. These children have to help their parents work and make money to support their families. However, they also want to go to school to get a better job later in life. It was a unique experience with us trying to speak our broken Spanish to a 19 year old girl (in 6th grade) and her parents. It was a little tough to communicate everything, but they honestly would not be able to afford her tuition without help.

A lot of the teachers at IAS are sponsoring students, so it is kind of exciting to witness the other side of the money spectrum since most of the students we teach come from families who have no problems with money. Its a very good organization that gets to the root of problems around Xela. The literacy rate in Guatemala is one of the worst in the world. If these kids can't attend school, they have no choice than to do the same jobs as their parents for the rest of their lives. Sponsorship gives them a fighting chance to graduate Jr. High and possibly get into a High School. This school puts them in a great position to possibly find a stable job with a stable income.

Sunday Elections
This coming Sunday will be a little bit different for us. We do not have a church service, because our church holds election voting. Yes, this is the final vote for the top two candidates for the president of Guatemala. According to some sources, the candidate choices for voting is either cancer or AIDS. In other words, some people are not excited for either candidate. So, it looks like we are going to take advantage of the Dordt podcast chapels for our sermon tomorrow.

Kendra's 1st grade quotes:
"Mrs. Broekhuis I know where monsters live.... the Pacific Ocean!"

"What is 1 sheep + 1 sheep? A baby sheep!" (Kendra had to lower her mind in the gutter a little bit for that first grade joke.)

Grace and Peace,