October 12, 2011


They call it a “Tropical Depression,” which I’m pretty sure means “it’s going to rain so much that you may or may not get depressed.” The rain started Tuesday afternoon at about 1pm, and it didn’t stop until today, Wednesday, at about 1pm. That’s twenty-four straight hours of rain. I would hate to see a Tropical Storm. Or a Hurricane.

Hence, the reason we did not have school today. As you will see from the pictures below, many streets were flooded, including the street that leads to our school, which goes right over a river, which is lovingly and appropriately nicknamed the Stinky River. It is also inappropriately nicknamed other things. Like I said, the Stinky River is now flooded, and instead of the street drains draining the water, they were spitting up water like bubbling mountain spring. Not a clean mountain spring. Remember that the water was coming from the thick and brown Stinky River. 

So, no school today. I realize how nerdy of a teacher I am, when I am somewhat disappointed because of the fun and cool activities I had planned for today. But, a day off is rather fun as well. I have never had school canceled because of flooding. As a child I only knew what to do with myself when school was canceled because of snow. But if I were to go outside right now and try to make a snow angel or throw a snowball or slide down our street, I would be sorely disappointed. And I would get really dirty. So, instead we sit and hang out. Our power turns on and off. We read books and watch movies. We feel a little adventurous and we take a walk in hiked-up pants to go take pictures of the flooding. 

And like I said, the flooding was really bad in some places. People were wading through streets up to their knees in water. Down one flooded street we could see that a family was bailing water out of their house, big buckets full of water. There is bound to be a lot of damage to people’s houses on the lower streets, so please pray for them! Our house and our streets are on a little bit higher ground, so even though they are covered with water and dirt, they are not flooded very deeply. 

The beginning of this week was somewhat interesting as well. As Collin said before, his health is on the rise. But at school on Monday I was not feeling very well at all. I felt really nauseous all day. Finally in the afternoon, I had to stop in the middle of a really cool science experiment, tell the students to get out a book and read, and then run to the director’s office to tell him to take over my class. I sat down in the teacher’s lounge. Our secretary gave me a pill and some tea, but I am pretty sure both just tickled my gag reflex and made me more nauseous. A few minutes later I was in the bathroom revisiting my last couple of meals.

But let me tell you, I am terrified of throwing up. Probably because the last time I threw up was in 5th grade, aka eleven years ago. So this past Monday, the longest streak I have ever had in life – consecutive years without puking – was ruined. It was rather disheartening. Needless to say, I am pretty sure there are little amoebas swimming inside of me as well, just like Collin had. I suppose we will go get that checked out soon.

As far as school goes, we are coming to the end of the first quarter already! I can’t believe how fast the weeks fly. Grades are in this Friday. Parent-teacher Conferences are next week Thursday.

That is what is happening lately. And here is what the First Graders have been saying lately:

1. “Mrs. Broekhuis, there was a huge, scary monster under my bed last night!”
I replied, very concerned, “Oh boy, what did you do with it?”
“I played with it!”

2. “Mrs. Broekhuis, I may vomit, but I think not.”

3. “Here in my picture I am telling people about Jesus, and they are saying ‘Ooooohhhhhh!’”

4. A story. Title: “The Mouse Who Eats Persons.” Once upon a time there was a mouse that eat persons. But one day the mouse was sad because the persons were all eaten of. So the mouse stop to eat persons. The end.

I love first graders. And again, please pray for all of the people whose houses and businesses are flooded!

Grace and Peace,

 Our street, just a little muddy.
 Flooded streets.

 The street drain not draining the water.
The road to school. The Stinky River grew.