October 6, 2011

Back to Normal

It's Collin. After our little hospital stay and E-coli extravaganza things are pretty much back to normal. Food actually tastes good again, I'm eating more than peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, but I'm still supposed to take some pills every morning for a month. I'm assuming they are to keep me healthy, but I can't tell you exactly what they are for.

It was good to feel better again because we were able to take another trip to a city about an hour away called Irtra. We went with our Guatemalan friends again (Kandy & Christian) and their daughters. They had free tickets to a water park called Xocomil. It was awesome. I went on pretty much all the rides with Christian. Most of the rides were fun, but they had one ride which was interesting. It was a long, steep slide where you lay on a mat and go down head first. The fact that I got air on the first hump before the steep drop where you picked up some amazing speed definately made me give it an A+ rating. All in all, Xocomil was a great time, and we were told we get to go back for a teacher/staff retreat in February.

Also, something got passed up by Kendra when we visited Sibila a month ago. Any sports fan would kind of find this interesting, apparently Michael Jordan's influence does travel outside the U.S.

His "Air-ness"

I also have a story to tell from my Life Science class. We are talking about Genetics, so as I was writing notes on the board when one male student (if he has a question he asks it... no stopping him) perks up and asks "Can men have babies?" I did not turn around right away and continued to write trying to figure how to carefully answer that question when another male student quickly chimed in saying "No, we don't have eggs." I figured that was good enough and continued to write my notes on the board.

Grace and Peace,

A few pictures from Xocomil:

Enjoying the first fried chicken meal post-hospital stay.

Enjoying the best water park in Central America.

 Have we mentioned how cool this family is?
One of many waterslides. I am pretty sure every one had sharper turns than what should be legal. You usually get air when you aren't supposed to.