August 19, 2011

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Since Kendra has written all our blogs so far, and she keeps telling me to do one and I just got done with school, and I have next weeks plans all in, I figured I have a little down time before our teacher bus comes and picks us up.

First off, it seems weird to say that I don't have much out of the ordinary to talk about and that things are kind of getting on a normal pace...when we are still very much not in the ordinary, so-to-speak.

I was reading Tony and Danielle's blogs from their first week, and I am pretty sure we have about the exact same experiences, besides walking to school everyday, there and back...that really must have stunk. So here are a couple things that Kendra didn't post before:

**We have 2 dogs that pretty much camp out by our apartment every night. I call them Rufus and Rufio... Kendra doens't like them.

**We have experienced 2 earthquakes! They were very small, they should just be called tremors, but you definately feel a little swaying. Kendra hasn't felt either of them.

**We walk alot...but it is kind of refreshing.

**I am always hungry, as Kendra said to get meat we have to catch a microbus to go to a knockoff of Wal-Mart and then walk back since our grocery bags don't do well in a 10 passenger van packed with 15 people.

**Weather is beautiful from 11-4... every day. Nearest golf course is 3 hours away.

Thats all for now. Have a great weekend.