August 26, 2011

Daily Life

I (Collin) just wanted to give a quick update about our daily lives around Xela. Although we have only been here two weeks, it seems like we are already starting to fall into a routine.

Every week we take at least 2 or 3 shopping stops for our food. There is no one-stop-shop for us, especially when we are always trying to find the cheapest (imagine that) and best food yet. We are still Dutch. So we have to make a run to one store, and then another the next day, and then take a trip to a bigger store to get things like meat, chicken, peanut butter and goodies that we can't find at our local store.

I (Collin) have found some baketball to play on Tue and Thur nights. Our director plays for the Xela city team, and they always need more people to practice, so I join him. Its fun, although I don't know what anybody is saying. And one hoop is stuck at around 9'10" and the other hoop they seem to raise up to 10'2". (For those non-basketball people, the recommended height is 10' even).

Friday and Saturday nights are usually spent hanging out with teachers: going out to eat, playing games or ending up at someones house just to talk.

Soon we are about to start Spanish lessons, which is good for me because my only learning method right now is watching TV with the Spanish subtitles on...and possibly school extra-curricular activities, which may start up soon.

All the other days are filled with school work or other random adventures we are able to find. All in all, life is very good here in Xela.