July 20, 2011

The Cool Thing to Do

It’s Kendra here. Kendra Broekhuis, that is. Collin and I are married now. We are enjoying our first month as a married couple being Midwest nomads. We realized that the cool thing to do when you get married is to move back in with your parents. And obviously we want to be cool, so that’s what we did. Actually, we just have generous and hospitable parents who are kind enough to take us in before we leave for Guatemala. We spent a week with my family in Michigan, and are now spending a week with Collin’s family in Minnesota.

Speaking of Guatemala, we leave Saturday, July 30. We begin “new teacher orientation” on July 31. School starts August 10. So, the next couple weeks may be kind of a blur as we spend time with family, move to Guatemala, get settled in, and begin school.

But, we wanted to have a way to keep in touch with our family and friends while we are gone. And again, we realized that the cool thing to do when you move overseas is to start a blog. And again, because we like to fit in and be cool, we thought we would move overseas…and then start a blog.

So here it is. Our blog, named “Grace and Peace.” No, I am not sure why I picked that name. I just figured if we were trying to be cool, I should pick a cool name for our cool blog. And what is cooler than God’s grace and peace? Nothing. Seriously, nothing. I guess family, husbands, and Golden Oreos are pretty cool, but still nowhere near as cool as God’s grace and peace. I am sure the mystery and wonder and meaning of God’s grace and peace will continue to unfold in our journey to Guatemala as it has in the past 22 years of my life, but mysteries are not solved overnight. Actually, some are never solved.

There are two questions people have asked us a lot. I will try to my best to answer them briefly. The first is: Why are you moving to Guatemala? And in some respects, I have no idea why. We are leaving behind so many awesome family and friends, and everything familiar to us. We are moving to a country where we do not know anybody and we do not speak the language fluently (yet.) And big spiders live there. But God seemed to put the desire to go and teach overseas in both of our hearts. Many events led to choosing Guatemala, but that is where we are going to land, Lord willing, in a few weeks. So, it’s not like it’s the cool thing to move overseas, but it is always cool when God places desires in your heart and then uses His hand to guide you there. We want to learn, we want to be challenged and stretched in our faith, and we want to share our love for Christ through teaching. So that is, very briefly, why we are headed to Inter-American School, in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. (http://ias-xela.org/ ) More might come out later on this subject.

The second question we get asked a lot is: How long are you going to be in Guatemala? And again, we have no idea. Our official contract is for one school year (10 months), and then we will see where God will lead us - or tell us to stay - from there. Who knows, Jesus may come back by then. Wouldn’t that be cool?

So no, Collin and I are not cool. But we are excited for the cool things we are going to learn on this journey together. 

Grace and Peace,